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WONDER PAWS™ AHCC Supplement - Immune Support - 60 Chews


✔️ GAIN THE IMMUNE SUPERPOWER: Wonder Paws powerful Immune Support Supplement for dogs uses clinically studied AHCC, a powerful mushroom blend that’s shown to help support immune system, cellular health and digestion.

✔️ SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE & CELLULAR HEALTH: Whether your pet is a senior or young pup, our powerful immune health supplement for dogs is designed to support healthy digestion, immune health and help support cellular health. Keep the fun going with our Advanced Mushroom Formula to support your pet’s vitality and overall wellness.

✔️ CLINICALLY STUDIED MUSHROOM FOR PETS: AHCC is a unique Shitake Mushroom for dogs and humans that’s been clinically studied at the world’s leading universities. Just give 2 mushroom immune chews for dogs under 75 pounds and 4 chews for dogs over 75 pounds. Our immune support chews for dogs are made without gluten, dairy and soy and are a delicious chicken flavor.

✔️ 365 Days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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