• AHCC Immune© Support Mushroom

    Ready for your furry friend to harness the immune boosting superpower of our AHCC Mushroom Chews? AHCC supports your pet’s immune system, gut health and helps maintain long-term wellness.
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    Gain the Immune Superpower with AHCC®!

    AHCC is a clinically studied cultured shiitake mushroom extract that helps support your dog's immune system, cellular health and digestion. With our canine mushroom supplement for dogs, your pet gets the power of the AHCC® in a delicious tasty chicken flavored chew.

    Immune System Support

    Whether your pet is a senior or a young pup, our powerful mushroom supplement is designed to support your dogs immune system and cellular health.

    Supports Healthy Digestion

    AHCC acts as a prebiotic so your dog can benefit from healthier digestion and more enjoyable poops.

    Supports Long-Term Wellness

    AHCC is validated by clinical studies to support a healthy immune system to help keep your furry friend active and vibrant well into their glory years to make the fun last. 

    Make The Fun Last!

    ✔ Supports Immune System and Cellular Health


    ✔ Delicious Chicken Flavored Chews


    ✔ 365 Days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


    ✔ Ready to support your pet’s immune system and long term wellness?

    What's Inside


    AHCC® is a cultured mushroom extract which has been researched in humans and dogs for immune system support, cellular health, and long-term wellness.

    Delicious Chicken Flavor

    Our chews are made without gluten, dairy or soy. Just the good stuff in a delicious soft chews that your pet will love.

    You've heard about the powers of mushrooms. But did you know that not all mushrooms are created equal? AHCC® is a powerful cultured mushroom extract that has been studied in many prestigious universities.

    AHCC® helps support cellular health and your dogs immune system, which lends a powerful helping hand. 

    Now your pet can get the benefits of one of the world's most researched patented mushroom immune supplements in a delicious chicken-flavored soft chew, that made without soy, dairy and gluten.

    Up to 75 LBS 2 Chews Daily
    Over 75 LBS 4 Chews Daily

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    Couldn't be happier!

    WOW! I'm really so impressed...we will certainly be ordering this product again. Both my dog and my cat can't get enough of these. They really seem to have nailed the taste. I did some research and I am so impressed with the quality of the ingredients. The clinicals associated with the AHCC are incredibly impressive. It's so nice to see so much quality for such an affordable price. In this day and age with everything that's going on it's so important to keep your immune system strong and this is certainly going to help do the trick for our little furry friends.

    Best mushroom complex with AHCC!!!

    Love these mushroom bites for dogs. This is the best mushroom complex that I researched because it contains AHCC. This has been clinically studied to provide immune support for dogs. Unlike chaga mushrooms or turkey tail the Ahcc mushroom has actually shown to work in dogs. I read the research papers. My dog likes the taste. Can�t tell if it�s helped yet because it�s hard to evaluate immune system in a dog but my dogs digestion is definitely better and seems happier. Hands down the best immune supplement for dogs you can buy. Well priced. Made in USA and actually has an ingredient that works.

    Four dog approval!

    We originally got these for DeeDee our senior lab to help keep her healthy. But dogs are like kids, you can't give one without giving to the others, so all four take these and they all love them, even our pickiest of the bunch. The price is a little higher than I would normally pay, but to keep my babies healthy, it is worth buying

    Lo compre porque tiene el hongo AHCC que es muy bueno para el sistema inmune

    Excelente a mi perro le encanta

    The best and health treats

    my girls love these treats! it's healthy and great flavor.

    Ready for some health boosting powers?

    Harness your pet's immune superpower with the AHCC© mushroom extract

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