’s Rags to Riches Story

I’m a furry entrepreneur who loves to create tasty and powerful supplements for dogs that actually work!

Looking to support your dogs immune system or digestive health? Need joint or calming support? Want to fly to NY and eat doggy bones in front of the Empire State Building? I’ve got a supplement just for you. Okay, maybe not the flying part.

The Wonder Paws Journey

(In Doggy Years)

Hey – I’m Waggy,

a furry entrepreneur who had a dream to make the finest supplements that can turn your dog into a powerful superhero!


“Doggy Entrepreneur”

.is a rare breed and I was determined to be a part of it. I also wanted to help my brothers and sisters to lead healthier lives so they can have fun with their owners from their youth to the more advanced "glory" years. So l launched “Wonder Paws” – a pet supplement company like no other.


Sure, I had some help from my owners and let me tell you, good help is hard to find! I have to keep them on a tight leash and really boss them around to meet my very high standards - my products must be perfect! I work them around the clock and rarely let them have a day off.


Knowing the value of taking nutritional supplements, they always gave me some. But they were never quite happy with what they could find. They wanted to buy supplements with at least one ingredient that had been studied in dogs and with others that have been studied in humans.


They also didn’t just want to get me “soup” formulas with a ton of questionable ingredients, many of which are sprinkled in at tiny "fairy dusted" doses.


Naturally, I wasn’t happy with this situation either. So one day, I sat them down and told them “Guys, I want to start a company and make dog supplements that actually work. I need to hire two good assistants and I am willing to interview you both for this job."


They said “Waggy, we wonder what you will call this company”. And I answered “Good idea, I will call it Wonder Paws." And so, our company was born.

Ready for some health boosting powers?

Looking to support your dogs immune system or digestive health? Need joint or calming support?

Let Waggy Show you the way