• Probiotic Chews

    Solve those tummy challenges with our premium Probiotic Superhero Chews! Supports gut health, normal digestion and immune health while providing relief from occasional bloating and gas.
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    Daily Digestive Care!

    Probiotics are designed to support digestive health and proper gut flora to help keep your pet's tummys running smoothly in times of occasional stress or general mischief. Healthy digestion also supports the immune system and overall health in pets of all ages!

    Supports Cut Health, Normal Digestion & Constipation

    Our Probiotic Bites contain a powerful dose of Prebiotics and Probiotics to help dogs with occasional gas, bloating, occasional constipation and stomach discomfort. Keep those tummies happy with our digestive support chews! 

    Supports Immune System & Stomach Relief

    Our unique Probiotic and Prebiotic blend helps support your pet's immune system and keeps tummies in tip-top shape by supporting normal bowel movements and digestive health. 

    Clinically Studied Probiotic!

    Our formula uses GanedenBC30, a premium Bacillus Coagulans probiotic that can withstand stomach acid to support healthy digestion, healthy gut flora and normal immune response.

    Make The Fun Last!

    ✔ Support your dog’s digestive system, gut health, immune system and fight bad breath. 


    ✔ Delicious Duck Flavored Chews


    ✔ 365 Days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


    ✔ Say Goodbye to Tummy Troubles Today!

    What's Inside


    Our formula uses one of the world's most researched shelf-stable probiotics to provide powerful digestive support and maintain healthy gut flora.


    FOS are soluble fibers and prebiotics that support the growth of beneficial microbes in the intestinal tract.

    We combine Ganaden BC30n, a highly researched shelf-stable strain of the B. Coagulans probiotic, Bacillus coagulans, with a powerful prebiotic to help support normal digestion, healthy gut flora, regularity and a healthy immune system. Our advanced soft Probiotic Chews support healthy digestion to keep your dog's tummy happy no matter your pets age!                   

    Gain the digestive superpower with our unique shelf-stable probiotic that doesn't require any refrigeration, delivered in a tasty duck-flavored chew made with premium ingredients.

    Up to 25 LBS 1 Chew Daily
    26 to 75 LBS 2 Chews Daily
    Over 75 LBS 3 Chews Daily

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    Great P.

    Received my order and my beagle just loves your probiotics treats. As soon as he see the jar, it�s a must to give him his 2 pieces. He loves the taste. He is more regular now then before. Thank you Wonder Paws. Great price too!

    Verified C.
    Tasty Supplement

    I've been giving my dog the recommended amount over the last two weeks. Over this time, I switched her food and we have been moving things and settling into our new house. She was also blowing her coat for winter. I did notice this was one of the smoothest food transitions we've had, and she's had less gas (which is easy to observe in her case since she's afraid of her own tiny ***** _____). My dog also loves the flavor and texture of these, so they work great for a training treat whenever they are given.

    Buy and try!!

    Very fast delievery and packaged great. The dogs love them so that's a great first step!! They are small so it's not too hard getting them to take them . And Im sure dogs think they are treats!!!

    Great value.... really works!

    Amazing Product! Better than anything else we have given our little guy. These must be delicious the way he wolfs them down. Seems to be making him feel great and really helped with his gas...which helps out the whole house!

    great treats!

    My pitbull mix has had on and off stomach issues since we got her almost 2 years ago, random bouts of diarrhea or vomiting so we 1st switched dog food formulas which helped for awhile but since putting her on these treats (which she's picky about treats and she eats these no problem), she's had ALOT less gas like she could clear out a room everyday it was so bad before. And I've noticed her appetite has improved! I would definitely recommend these treats

    Ready for some health boosting powers?

    Then give your our powerful Probiotic Digestive Chews to support healthy gut, occasional constipation and bloating, digestive support and a healthy immune system. Woah that's a lot of digestive goodness!

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