• Heart + Vitality Chews – Heart Support

    Powered by clinically studied Carniking and taurine for dogs, our Cardio Chews support your pets heart health and cardiovascular function. Gain the Heart Pumping Superpower today!

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    Gentle Heart Support!

    Our Heart + Vitality formula is designed to support normal cardiovascular function, have antioxidant properties and support healthy circulation in dogs of all sizes. Whether your pet is a pup or senior, give them the powerful heart-pumping superpower to face their daily challenges to make the fun last!

    Supports a Healthy Heart

    Are you looking to give your dog powerful heart support? Our chews are powered by Carnikingig, a clinically studied form of L-Carnitine that helps support a healthy heart and normal circulation. Treat your pet to the emperor of amino acids today! 

    Supports Circulation and Cardiovascular Function

    Formulated with CoQ10, taurine and hawthorne berry, our supplement can help your pet enjoy life while supporting heart health and weight management. Try these powerful tasty heart support chews today!

    Supports Weight Management & Muscle Function

    Carniking L-Carnitine helps support weight management which is important for healthy cardiovascular function. A healthy weight also keeps your pet running strong and that beach body intact! 

    Make The Fun Last!

    ✔ Supports Heart Health


    ✔ Maintains Healthy Circulation


    ✔ Promotes Weight Management Support and Daily Wellness


    ✔ 365 Days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


    ✔ Ready to invest in your pet’s wellness?

    What's Inside

    Hawthorne Berry

    A powerful fruit that helps encourage healthy heart function.


    An amino acid that plays a key role in several metabolic processes.


    A clinically studied form L-Carnitine for pets that has shown powerful cardiovascular and weight management benefits.


    Provides energy fuel to cellular mitochondria and to the heart while having antioxidant properties.

    Our Cardio Chews are formulated to support healthy cardiovascular function. Whether your pet is a senior or young pup, our chews are designed to help support heart health, weight management, heathy muscles, circulation and normal blood flow.

    Packed with COQ10, taurine, hawthorne berry and L-Carnitine (the emperor of amino acids!), our heart-supporting chews provide powerful nutrients designed to give your pet real results. Give your pet the heart-pumping superpower to make the fun last!

    Up to 75 LBS 2 Chews Daily
    Over 75 LBS 3 Chews Daily

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    Mark Z.
    United States United States

    Great product

    Keeps my chihuahuas healthy

    A Wonder Paws Customer
    Christiane H.
    United States United States

    A Lifesaver!!

    I feel that it is a lifesaver. My dog has been taking these for a year now. Vets haven't been able to help him with his heart issue - he retches really badly at night, it sounds awful and painful and it can last for a long time. Although the vets told me it was a heart issue, they seem to be at a loss how to help him. The pills they prescribed didn't do much for him. After I did some research, I found these supplements, and the retching stops on most nights and on other nights it is just a little bit, but nothing worrisome. It makes a huge difference! I swear by these supplements!!

    James M.
    United States United States

    Helped my dog

    I started giving this product to my dog after the vet detected a heart murmur and irregular heartbeat. 3 months later after giving my dog this supplement every day, I took him back to the vet. She was amazed. She said his heart sounds so much better.

    Betty W.
    United States United States


    My Furbaby has beginning stage of cognitive heart failure. Can't get excited or she would collapse. I have been giving her this supplement for half a year. It helps her a lot. Still has her health prob but only once or twice a month vs 4x a week. Thank you, Wonderpaws.

    Melanie B.

    Great Flavor, great product!

    Love the cute little heart shape, my dogs love the flavor. Our two seniors look forward to this supplement.

    Ready for some health boosting powers?

    Give your pet powerful heart support, healthy blood flow and weight management with our delicious Cardio Chews!

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