10 Reasons Your Dog Should Take a Multivitamin

Every dog owner wants to give their dog the opportunity for the best health and support possible. We put energy and effort into their exercise and training, we make sure their meal plan is curated to their needs, and that they are obtaining proper hydration, love, and even supplementation. A multivitamin is just one more way to provide your dog with further health benefits. Here are some of those benefits of your dog taking one.


  1. Immune System Support

A powerful immune system is important to limit the risks of unwanted health conditions, and of course to contribute to overall well-being. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your dog has the best possibility for immune system support. Here is our blog post 7 Simple Steps to Boost Your Dog’s Immune System! which goes into further depth about immune support, but one of the points we discuss is supplementation. Omegas, minerals, probiotics, supplements that provide proper gut flora, and ones that assist in digestion are all important for immune system support. It would be most beneficial to find a multivitamin that contains some of these simple ingredients, but if you are looking specifically for an antioxidant vitamin for your dog’s specific needs, our AHCC® Mushroom is just that, and it enhances maintenance of gut and cellular health.


  1. Provides Nutrients

Sometimes your dog’s diet needs a boost when it comes to obtaining valuable nutrients. There are many brands of reputable dog food that consist of great nutrition but adding a multivitamin gives your dog more of an opportunity to receive these nutrients in their fullest form. Sometimes vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that dogs require can lose their potency in dog food during the cooking process. Adding a vitamin will support their nutrient intake, as well as the absorption of it.


  1. Maintain Digestion

Many multivitamins contain a probiotic ingredient, which is beneficial bacteria inside the digestive tract. Probiotics also balance out unwanted bacteria, as well as assisting maintenance of regular bowel movements, helping your dog to feel nourished, and even affecting other aspects like mood. Our probiotic chew is a great choice when it comes to supporting gut health, digestion, and immune health.


  1. Skin and Coat Support

Many multivitamin supplements will target specific health concerns you may be looking to address for your dog. One area where a multivitamin can assist is support of skin and coat. Occasionally, dogs will experience dryness, itchiness, and excessive shedding so introducing a supplement with fish oil or amino acids could assist in replenishment. Our hemp oil with wild salmon oil contains omegas that support skin health.


  1. Age Support

There are many life-stage specific formulas out there for your dog because as they age their needs subsequently change as well, meaning they may also need an update to their supplement regimen. Starting your dog on an age-specific multivitamin at any stage is a great idea, with ingredients targeted to their needs at that time. This will assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they get older. For senior dogs, it’s also important to look for ingredients that support joint health and restorative formulas. Our line of supplements complements a dog’s already healthy diet and regimen at any age. However, consulting with your vet about an age-specific multivitamin is always a great option if you are unsure about exactly what ingredients will support their specific needs. Some of the best ones to look for, especially for age-related concerns like joint health, are still omega and fatty acids, which support in a number of health maintenance areas.


  1. Cognitive and Mental Upkeep

Many supplements and food items can support cognitive function, the same as with humans. The best multivitamins for mental and cognitive support will include antioxidants. If you can incorporate antioxidant rich food like berries, mangoes, and greens into your dog’s diet they will benefit from the nutrients, but even further support can be found in vitamins. Vitamin E and C are especially beneficial when it comes to brain elasticity. The right vitamins and food are important, but this cannot be used to replace other mentally stimulating activities like walks, training, playing, scent and hide-and-seek games, and so on. Dogs that have a balance of the proper food, vitamins, and activities will have a greater chance for the best cognitive and mental upkeep.


  1. Absorption Assistance

Absorption issues can occasionally arise in certain dogs, meaning that even if they are eating a nutritionally dense dog food, they may not actually absorb all the protein, minerals, and vitamins within, and it may pass through their system without them maintaining everything being offered. Supplements can be targeted to assist with absorption rates. Enzymes and protein are especially important to look for in a vitamin where absorption could be a concern. However, if you think your dog could be suffering from absorption issues outside of the normal range then you should always consult with your vet where medical attention could be necessary.


  1. Energy

When dogs are receiving the correct nutrition, vitamins, and ingredients in their supplements then their energy levels will be more optimal. Dogs’ energy levels tend to work the same way as those of humans. If we eat junk food, don’t obtain proper exercise, hydration, or mental stimulation then our system will be compromised and in effect leave us feeling lethargic or depleted. The nutrients and minerals available in a multivitamin will supplement your dog’s system, and when balanced with these other factors in their life, they should feel adequately energized!


  1. Dental Health

Natural antimicrobials can be found in many vitamins, which assist dogs with their dental health. These elements work to minimize bacteria and bad breath. If your dog is obtaining optimal nutrition in food and vitamins, then it will extend to other areas of the body giving them the greatest opportunity for an all-around healthy system. Multivitamins support us in a number of areas, and one of those is that of dental health. These vitamins should not be substituted for teeth cleanings, brushing if your dog allows it, and chewing on bones or chews that limit plaque and tartar build-up. Vitamins are just one more part of the equation in helping your dog to maintain their dental health.


  1. Circulation

Select supplements can support your dog’s circulation as well as the heart and cardiovascular function. A regular exercise program is the first step to maintaining the cardiovascular system. Omegas and fatty acids that are found in many multivitamins further assist this function. Our heart and vitality supplement contains beneficial ingredients, especially the Carniking® found within. This is specially formulated to target heart health and vitality, which directly correspond to circulation.

Do you have any further doubts about the value of vitamins for your best pal? As humans, we take vitamins all the time, and we target the ingredients to what we feel or are told we need more of, so why not give your dog the same opportunity for a healthy lifestyle? If you have any questions about what ingredients, combinations, or supplements would be most beneficial to your dog we are more than happy to help! You should always consult with your vet if you have true medical health concerns, but we can’t wait to assist you in adding supplementation support into your best friend’s routine.



“” Shay Siegel is a young adult author, freelance writer, and editor from Long Island, NY. She has a BA from Tulane University and an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. Always a lover of animals, Shay had several cats growing up. She’s now a dog mom to the snuggliest rescue pit bull, Bernie. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics and sharing her love and knowledge of animals with others!

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